Postcard #9- Rosalee loves bees and honey

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I once read that everyone has a Muse and it is important to make friends with it, you know, give it a face, a name, a voice, take it out to dinner- whatever floats your boat. I have two Muses: one for the children’s stories I write and another for more grown-up subjects. Rosalee likes bees, springtime, sugar, and riding bikes. She is from Eureka Falls and is usually eager to help me write. Mr. Pfleuger is my other Muse; he looks like Danny Devito, chomps on a cigar, drinks scotch, and has a mouth like a dock worker. Rosalee and Mr. Pfleuger have served me well until this week when they both got on a bus and left town. They didn’t leave a note or phone number so I’m not sure when they will return.

When I found myself without help, postcard number nine wasn’t done or even started so I was left with two choices: hammer out a story alone or procrastinate. My choice was easy: procrastinate.

Procrastination and I have a long history so I didn’t mind spending another day with him. Together we came up with a plan: stay away from anything to do with writing, which included pens, pencils, paper or a computer. So I left home, taking my old friend with me.

It had been at least thirty years since I had my ears cleaned out and what better day than today! My husband complained about having to repeat himself again and again. I choose to think of it as selective hearing. He really did have a point so I bravely marched into the doctor’s office and offered up my ears. If you’ve never had your ears cleaned out – it’s like having a garden hose shoot water into your brain. It doesn’t hurt but the sound is indescribably weird. What they don’t tell you is that the extra water will take a while to drain itself out. I wanted to be alone so I could hop around on one foot like Rumpelstiltskin in the privacy of my own home. The extra water finally drained from my ears and I was free to venture outside. I drove to the recyclers where the highlight of my trip was throwing baby food jars into the glass recycling dumpsters and listening to them break. It’s like being a hooligan without actually damaging property which I always like.

Sometimes being a good citizen deserves a reward, so I took myself to one of the best restaurants in Reno: Dish Café. If you’ve never been there or seen the episode on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, it’s a small restaurant that serves scrumptious food. Want a sandwich? They have it. Soup? Sure! There are so many good things to choose from but my favorite thing are the cupcakes. It is everything a cupcake should be: the cake part is not too sweet the frosting is generously slathered on and the whole thing is topped off with sugary sprinkles it is perfection in a paper liner.

Later at home, Procrastination helped me to find The Home Shopping Network where Iman was selling silky harem pants. I imagined myself wearing them to work! To the Club! To the beach! Where couldn’t I wear them? I briefly considered buying a pair in every color, but my recent trip to the Assistance League reminded me that I didn’t need to jam my closets full of clothes that I didn’t really need or want.

It was getting late in the day and I was doing such a good job of not writing and I needed to continue avoid a computer, so I decided to make a nice dinner. I have long and notorious record of making strange things to eat: Supper Sauce, chicken that I turned into tuna fish just by adding vinegar, and the infamous flaming enchilada crock pot incident. I decided that this meal was going to be different because I was actually going to use a real recipe. From a magazine. I enjoy reading Bon Appetit and the April issue featured radishes. I love vegetables but I had never tried cooking radishes so what better day than today? I went to Raleys where a lovely bunch of radishes were just waiting for me. I also bought some wine, Dijon mustard and broccoli for John. As the chicken cooked and I cut the radishes in half, I felt happy about what I was doing and I thought about the good day Procrastination had given me. I didn’t even feel all that bad about not having postcard number nine done.

As I went to bed that night, I thought about my day: my closets were cleaner, I didn’t have glass jars rattling around in my car, and I learned how to cook radishes with a yummy wine and Dijon mustard sauce – not too shabby for a day spent with Procrastination. As Procrastination always says, “Why do it today, when you can always do it tomorrow.”

So here I am, it’s tomorrow and I’m sitting here trying to think of ideas for postcard number ten. What? There’s a Golden Girls marathon on, I have to go! Too bad Rosalee and Mr. Pfluegar aren’t here, they love the Golden Girls! So easy and so good- give it a try!

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A Room of my Own

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My new desk- postcard #8 is on top of the pile of books

Hello All!


I have taken a cue from Virginia Woolf and have found a place of my own to write and draw my weekly postcards. It’s not quite a room of my own, but it’s quiet and I like being able to work without interruptions. This summary taken from:
explains the importance of having more than just a “room of one’s own”.


A Room of One’s Own
The central point of A Room of One’s Own is that every woman needs a room of her own—something men are able to enjoy without question. A room of her own would provide a woman with the time and the space to engage in uninterrupted writing time. During Woolf’s time, women rarely enjoyed these luxuries. They remained elusive to women, and, as a result, their art suffered. But Woolf is concerned with more than just the room itself. She uses the room as a symbol for many larger issues, such as privacy, leisure time, and financial independence, each of which is an essential component of the countless inequalities between men and women. Woolf predicts that until these inequalities are rectified, women will remain second-class citizens and their literary achievements will also be branded as such.

Want to learn more about the great feminist writer Virginia Woolf? Try these links: An analysis of A Room of One’s Own Download the book Buy the book Bibliography of Virginia Woolf’s books

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Postcard #7: Panoply

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I have a new favorite word: panoply (pa-nə-plē) and according to The World English Dictionary it is “a complete or magnificent array”. I like saying it. I like how it feels when it rolls off my tongue. Panoply. Give it a try. Panoply. If you’d rather hear someone else say it, click on: and listen. Or if you have my number, call me and I’ll say it for you…no, really…I don’t mind; just give me a call and I’ll whisper it into the phone.

Since I heard the word panoply in a Decemberists song, I have been trying to use it every chance I get. Here are some actual examples: At Starbucks: “Look at that panoply of cookies, which one shall I have?” Browsing at “What a panoply of socks, which ones should I buy with the gift certificate from my sister?”I really don’t spend a lot of time around warriors, so I’m not able to use the second definition of panoply which is “the entire equipment of a warrior.” But if I did, it might sound something like this: “What a manly panoply you’re wearing. Does it chafe?”

Postcard #7 is more than just my love of the word panoply. It is about you finding your own new favorite word. To help, I have included some words that I found on along with some fun sentences you could use. Try these on for size and let me know how it goes.

Scaevity (noun): unluckiness; left-handedness.“Please help me. Due to my scaevity, I was unlucky enough to find only a pair of left-handed scissors. Now I’ll never be able to cut open this package of Twinkies I bought at the store. Rats!”

Clementine likes fancy words

Cucamonga (proper noun): I think this usually has the word “Rancho” in front of it and it may very well be a place in California and if it is, I have never been there.“I spent my entire spring break in Cucamonga mowing my grandparent’s lawn and walking Spriggy their ancient Boston terrier. Am I glad to be home!”

Filicology (noun): the study of ferns. “Why yes, I am a filicologist. Would you like to see some of my fronds? They’re fresh, tender and green.”

Sedecuple (noun): quantity sixteen times another.“I would like to sedecuple my order of cupcakes and make it to go, please.”

Teterrimous (adjective): most foul. “Excuse me, the noise from your __________ (videogame, car stereo- fill in the blank to make it your own) is teterrimous that I am forced to wear earplugs to block out the noise.”

Aquabib (noun): water-drinker.“Ever since I was arrested for public nudity and drunkenness, I have become an aquabib.”

I could go on forever, but I am going to stop at these six. Choose one and make sure you use it in conversation as much as you can. Don’t worry if people don’t understand what you’re saying or that you have to explain what the word means; they can be such foppottees.

Interested? Want more? Try these links:

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