Postcard #9- Rosalee loves bees and honey

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I once read that everyone has a Muse and it is important to make friends with it, you know, give it a face, a name, a voice, take it out to dinner- whatever floats your boat. I have two Muses: one for the children’s stories I write and another for more grown-up subjects. Rosalee likes bees, springtime, sugar, and riding bikes. She is from Eureka Falls and is usually eager to help me write. Mr. Pfleuger is my other Muse; he looks like Danny Devito, chomps on a cigar, drinks scotch, and has a mouth like a dock worker. Rosalee and Mr. Pfleuger have served me well until this week when they both got on a bus and left town. They didn’t leave a note or phone number so I’m not sure when they will return.

When I found myself without help, postcard number nine wasn’t done or even started so I was left with two choices: hammer out a story alone or procrastinate. My choice was easy: procrastinate.

Procrastination and I have a long history so I didn’t mind spending another day with him. Together we came up with a plan: stay away from anything to do with writing, which included pens, pencils, paper or a computer. So I left home, taking my old friend with me.

It had been at least thirty years since I had my ears cleaned out and what better day than today! My husband complained about having to repeat himself again and again. I choose to think of it as selective hearing. He really did have a point so I bravely marched into the doctor’s office and offered up my ears. If you’ve never had your ears cleaned out – it’s like having a garden hose shoot water into your brain. It doesn’t hurt but the sound is indescribably weird. What they don’t tell you is that the extra water will take a while to drain itself out. I wanted to be alone so I could hop around on one foot like Rumpelstiltskin in the privacy of my own home. The extra water finally drained from my ears and I was free to venture outside. I drove to the recyclers where the highlight of my trip was throwing baby food jars into the glass recycling dumpsters and listening to them break. It’s like being a hooligan without actually damaging property which I always like.

Sometimes being a good citizen deserves a reward, so I took myself to one of the best restaurants in Reno: Dish Café. If you’ve never been there or seen the episode on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, it’s a small restaurant that serves scrumptious food. Want a sandwich? They have it. Soup? Sure! There are so many good things to choose from but my favorite thing are the cupcakes. It is everything a cupcake should be: the cake part is not too sweet the frosting is generously slathered on and the whole thing is topped off with sugary sprinkles it is perfection in a paper liner.

Later at home, Procrastination helped me to find The Home Shopping Network where Iman was selling silky harem pants. I imagined myself wearing them to work! To the Club! To the beach! Where couldn’t I wear them? I briefly considered buying a pair in every color, but my recent trip to the Assistance League reminded me that I didn’t need to jam my closets full of clothes that I didn’t really need or want.

It was getting late in the day and I was doing such a good job of not writing and I needed to continue avoid a computer, so I decided to make a nice dinner. I have long and notorious record of making strange things to eat: Supper Sauce, chicken that I turned into tuna fish just by adding vinegar, and the infamous flaming enchilada crock pot incident. I decided that this meal was going to be different because I was actually going to use a real recipe. From a magazine. I enjoy reading Bon Appetit and the April issue featured radishes. I love vegetables but I had never tried cooking radishes so what better day than today? I went to Raleys where a lovely bunch of radishes were just waiting for me. I also bought some wine, Dijon mustard and broccoli for John. As the chicken cooked and I cut the radishes in half, I felt happy about what I was doing and I thought about the good day Procrastination had given me. I didn’t even feel all that bad about not having postcard number nine done.

As I went to bed that night, I thought about my day: my closets were cleaner, I didn’t have glass jars rattling around in my car, and I learned how to cook radishes with a yummy wine and Dijon mustard sauce – not too shabby for a day spent with Procrastination. As Procrastination always says, “Why do it today, when you can always do it tomorrow.”

So here I am, it’s tomorrow and I’m sitting here trying to think of ideas for postcard number ten. What? There’s a Golden Girls marathon on, I have to go! Too bad Rosalee and Mr. Pfluegar aren’t here, they love the Golden Girls! So easy and so good- give it a try!

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