Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Because nothing says love like a heart-shaped mushroom! Happy Valentine’s Day, friends!Image

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Postcard #30- “Thirty Things I Love + One More”

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This is my favorite tree to camp under- I love to wake up in the morning and see it

Lillian's Lovely Lady Toes


To celebrate my 30th postcard, I have randomly listed 30 things I love the best:

1. Taking my dogs to the dog park

2. Ice cubes. Like I said before:  party in your glass

3. Frosted sugar cookies

4. New socks

5. New shoes to go with the new socks

6. My nieces and nephews

7. Driving around Napa with my sister Teri drinking hot chocolate from 7-11 or a ginormous ice tea from a can (depends on the season), just shooting the breeze and maybe going to Target if I’ve been especially good. Being free-range with Teri is just the best!

8. Beets- all vegetables, really. I had a great conversation with a friend (I promised him that he would remain anonymous) about how beets turn everything red (if you know what I’m sayin’)

9. Changing chords quickly while I am playing the banjo (okay, so I am not that fast at all, but I’m working on it)

10. Watching Lucille swim- that dog paddles like she’s being chased by sharks!

11. Hearing my sister’s children call my Mom “Grams” it is pretty sweet and kinda heartwarming and it makes me feel guilty for trying to get them to call her “Me Maw” (but not that guilty)

12. The way my dogs are so happy to see me when I come in the door and it doesn’t matter if I’ve been gone all day or 5 minutes- they are always happy to see me


13. The way my students are so excited to see me and it doesn’t matter if I’ve been gone all day or…

14. When someone calls me “friend”- I just love that!

15. The way compost smells

16. Camping under my favorite tree at Strawberry Music Festival

17. My family

18. Cake with lots of frosting

19. Going to Zumba with my friend Cheryl and making her laugh (did I mention that I’m not coordinated and she is?)

20. Sundance Books- they have a huge selection of books and cards, plus I can bring my dogs in while I browse

21. My husband’s laugh

22. Practical jokes that are actually funny and don’t involve water, farm animals or mail order brides. Earlier this month, I came home to find a 1971 Dodge camper van thingy in my driveway. I named it Big Red and began making semi-serious plans about where I was going to take it camping. Red was so big that it blocked out the sun, had a funky smell and I was scared to drive it because it was such a beast. I was the proud owner for about a day and half until the real owner came back for it. It now lives in front of his house and I hear his neighbors are not happy about it.

This bad boy was mine for about 13 hours...I love you Big Red!

23. Spring, summer and fall

24. Chubby kitties

25. When Clementine curls up on my lap- I feel like I’ve won a huge prize and that’s pretty great

26. The grilled cheese sandwiches my Mom makes me- they are so good!

27. The way my Dad thought I was pretty great

28. The finger picks I wear for playing the banjo

29.  When Lillian puts her long lady toes on the heater vent to warm them up- that dog has some freaky long toes!

30.  Sleeping in on the weekend and not having Walter jump on my head nineteen thousand times

Just one more- which makes this one really # 31- taking the day off and having coffee with a friend (Thanks, Ruby!)

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Postcard #25 “Motivational Post-It Notes”

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Recently I saw an interesting mirror with the words breathe, live, laugh, and love carved on the border and it made me think: Out of all the stuff in my life that I need to do, is it imperative that I reminded to do those things? Nope and here’s why: if I don’t breathe, I’ll die so I’d better keep inhaling and exhaling.  The last time I checked I was alive and living (and of course, breathing), but I should turn off the TV because life shouldn’t be wasted watching reruns of “Laverne and Shirley”. I’m strong on the love department because I love lots of people, animals, and especially long walks on the beach. Finally, I have plenty of things to laugh at (especially at my cat Walter), so I’m good there. All in all, I think I’m doing pretty well and so are a lot of other people because even though the mirror was on sale it was still at the store.

 Seeing that mirror made me think about what I should be doing. A couple of days later I decided to make my own mirror that would make my life truly better, more fulfilling, and infinitely interesting. I decided to personalize it for my own needs, you know, things I should be doing. I decided to use sticky notes and stuck them on my bathroom mirror and viola! My own motivational mirror! In the beginning the notes were simple reminders, but I quickly realized that each had an underlying message.

Here’s what I decided on:

Stop obsessing over the imagined toe fungus allegedly lurking under your big toes. Convinced that I had toe fungus I worried, worried and worried some more. I didn’t have funky yellow thick toenails or anything like that, but I was certain that my nails (and anything else attached to my toes) were going to fall off and I wouldn’t be able to wear sandals for the rest of my life. In the end, all that worrying was silly because my little piggies were healthy and happy. I realized that the really real thing I should be doing is to stop worrying about silly things like left-hand turns, rabid bumblebees, and saying stupid stuff in public.

 Let the dogs be dogs and let them sniff a bazillion bushes for as long as they want. I try to let them do their thing, but they always seem to do their thing in front of someone’s window and I feel like a big weirdo just standing there. I could pull them along or walk in the middle of the street but then I might get run over, so that’s not a practical option. I’m going to have to suck it up and let Lucille and Lillian whizz on every single bush, branch or bramble they see. And they see a lot of them. And they all smell and look delicious and amazing! I guess the real point is to be patient with others, even if they are taking a really long time to get to the point or emptying their bladders all over bushes.

Brush Walter’s teeth. You know I love my salty Walty, what with his soft fur and lovely luxurious whiskers, but his breath is enough to melt toe nail polish off my (not really) fungus-ridden nails. He’s my boy and I love him even though his breath is fun-key. So he’s going to the vets and getting his dragon breath taken care of and then I’ll start brushing them (kind of that clean-slate idea). The whole Walter fiasco just points out that I need to take care of things that need to be taken care of and not ignore them or they’re going to pop up and breathe all over me (demanding attention)in the middle of the night, much like my cat.

Learn some real songs on the banjo. I’ve been learning how to play “Red River Valley” for the last three months. Have you ever heard that song? Not me, well at least before I’ve played nineteen million times. It is about a woman who is leaving the Red River valley and everyone is super sad because she’s been making everyone smile and when she leaves she’ll be taking her smile with her (whoop-de-do). This year at Camp Pig Out there was an early morning banjo sing-a-long and it did not include “Red River Valley”. Instead there was a little “Sympathy for the Devil”, followed by “Satisfaction” and “Magic Bus” to round things out. Those songs certainly blow anything I’ve been playing out of the water. If I practice a lot, maybe, just maybe, I could be one of those pickers next year. The lesson here is to be more creative and practice, practice and practice some more. You might start at “Red River Valley” but you if you practice enough you might be able to get on the “Magic Bus” (and if you’re good enough, they might even let you drive).

So there you go, there’s my “mirror list” to make my life more interesting, what’s yours?

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