Postcard #15 “Bernadette”

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In 1967 the Motown group The Four Tops wrote “Bernadette” a song about an anxious man who’s convinced that everyone from his closest friends to the milkman wants to get her know her better (okay, so I made up the part about the milkman, but you get the idea).  The 1960’s me would say that this Bernadette must be pretty special, but the me me (the one living in 2011) says that he should get some counseling, deal with his issues, and give her some space.

She’s not the only well-known Bernadette. Do a Google search and you’ll come up with 6,590,000 results and among them you will find: the Broadway star Bernadette Peters, Bernadette Soubrious (she later became Saint Marie-Bernard Soubrious after seeing the Virgin Mary at a spring in Lourdes- look it up if you don’t believe me) and of course, the adult film star Bernadette Woods.

I have a special Bernadette of my own. And while she’ll never have a song written about her, show up on a Google search or appear nude I still think she’s pretty great. What makes her so supreme? That’s easy: she’s a combination of beauty and functionality. Her many gears help me to hum up hills without having to get off and walk and her plingy bell alerts others that I’m comin’ through and the pedestrians best get out of the way. Her shiny silver fenders frame her tires and her handlebars have comfortable squishy grips that don’t hurt my hands. One of my favorite favorite parts of Bernadette is the little wooden box attached to the back where I can put a camera, a snack or a six pack of beer and not worry about it falling out. These cool features make Bernadette a bike for riding long distances, getting lost, and finding adventure along the way. Even riding to work becomes an adventure when I’m on Bernadette.

Maybe you have your own Bernadette, only her name is Mandy, Regina or Wanda. I know that I am a nicer and happier person because I ride my bike and I bet you are too. Don’t have a bike? Go out and get one for heaven’s sake- what are you waiting for? The weather’s perfect and there’s lots of paved roads for you to ride on! Go out and start making memories for yourself and geez Louise, wear a helmet.

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