Postcard #16 “What Dogs are Good For”

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Postcard #16

Dogs are great. They have cute tails, wet noses, and they love to explore and play ball all day. With all these good things, I had to wonder, what other things are dogs good for?

Imagine you’re reading a really interesting book and the phone rings or you suddenly get so hungry you think you might faint if you don’t get something to eat right then and there. You hate to lose your spot and you can’t find a bookmark and you know if you flip the book over with the spine facing up the pages will be splayed open, the crabby Mrs. McClousky, the local

A drawing of Mr. Wiggles- you can tell he was a hero

librarian will yell at you the second you bring it back because she just knew that you didn’t use a bookmark even before you turned in the book.

What can you do? This is where your dog comes in super handy! Use her tail as a bookmark: simply leave the book open to the page you’re on and gently place it over her tail. Your dog will happily keep your place until you are ready to resume reading. Make sure you give her something equally interesting to read because she might get bored waiting for you and want to read the book you left on her tail (which could be a problem).

 Winter is a fun time of the year, but as you know, it can get really cold, especially when you left your scarf on the bus. Worry no more! You can wear your dog as a scarf (this is best with a small dog). Your new pup muffler will keep you toasty and warm while you ice skate, build snowmen and have a spunky snowball fight. But watch out: your new scarf may treat any treats that you are trying to enjoy yourself.

 You’ve heard about Lassie, right? What about Rin Tin Tin? But have you heard about Mr. Wiggles, an exceptionally brave 20 pound Boston terrier who led a group of explorers safely out of the Congo in 1927? Originally brought along as a lap dog, Mr. Wiggles proved that size is not a factor when it comes to being courageous. For his valor in the face of danger (poisonous snakes, swampy swamps, and icky quicksand) Mr. Wiggles was awarded “The 1927 Canine Bravery Award.” After presenting himwith the prize, President Calvin Coolidge was quoted as saying, “Mr. Wiggles is certainly a mighty mighty terrier as well as a role model for all dogs.”   When you and your dog are on a walk, don’t be afraid to try a new route because you know your dog can be just like Mr. Wiggles and guide you out of many dangerous situations. Another little known fact: dogs are great at map making, reading maps and neatly folding them.

 The list is endless; all you have to do is use your imagination and your dog can be anything you want or need it to be, except typing (they just don’t know how to spell).

Calvin Coolidge was a huge fan of Mr.Wiggles' heroic deeds


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Love the blogs…always makes me chuckle. That Mr. Wiggles, I had no idea!

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