Postcard #10: Walter!

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This post is dedicated to Ruby- without you I wouldn’t have Walter!

I am a sucker for anything fuzzy and cute and Walter was definitely both of those things. He started off as a foster kitten; my job was to fatten him up so he could be neutered and then put up for adoption by the SPCA. It was a perfect situation because I could cuddle him for a little while and then he would go to a loving home.

Two years later, Walter is fourteen pounds with black and white fur and long luxurious whiskers. He is a lover of many fine things: the dogs, foam balls, sticking his paws into my glass of water, and attacking the other cats. But his specialty is shoplifting and invasion of privacy.

Nothing is safe from Walter and his kleptomaniac tendencies, if he can get his paws on it, it becomes his. He loves earplugs, pens, and plastic pull tabs from sandwich bags. One of his favorite tactics is to curl up on my lap and dig through my pants pockets looking for a prime piece of crinkly cellophane or a receipt to steal. He will also delicately lift a dollar bill from the kitchen counter with his teeth and disappear with it under the bed where it will never be seen again. This week Walter found a plastic fork and ran around with it for three days and I didn’t have the heart to take it away from him. Unfortunately, the dogs found it and ruined Walter’s fun by chewing it apart. 

The front bathroom is the toastiest place in the house and a favorite of all the animals. I think Walter wants to be helpful when he lets them into the bathroom when I’m showering or you know, catching up on the latest issue of Readers Digest. The clunk clunk clunk of his paw on the door knob announces Walter’s arrival. I have to hurry up so I don’t get to finish the article I am reading. I have taken to locking the door because there’s no need for embarrassing surprises in front of guests.

I am still a sap for cute and fuzzy animals and even though Walter is not a kitten he’s still adorable (to me at least). Do I ever regret keeping Walter? Never. Well maybe I do when he jumps on my head at 3:00 in the morning. Life is certainly a more interesting place with Walter in it


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Walter sticks his paw in your water!? Monkey totally does that too and he always tips it over. We can’t leave water glasses anywhere. He will even tip them over if they are sitting in the sink. Such a brat.

Here is the link to vote for the spca of northern nevada:

You can vote once a day. Good to see you yesterday! We have to get all Geurilla Girls on that stupid guy that runs the pet shop!

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